Peter Cramblit Fine Artist. Original paintings. H O M E     A B O U T
About Pete Cramblit
A resident of Sedona, Arizona, Pete is inspired by his hikes in the pristine high desert environment, with its beautiful natural rock formations and red rock energy. In his Scenes, he seeks to transport the viewer into each landscape painting, so that they get the sense of "being there", as if they were present at the original scene.
In his Expressions, he allows patterns and images to flow freely through his creative mind and onto the canvas with fresh originality. He enjoys simulating the complex patterns and colors of rock walls with oil paint, then layering his designs on top, suggesting rock art from ancient sites, and evoking the powerful feeling of encountering ancient cultures, as one gets when coming upon mysterious petroglyphs in the canyons surrounding Sedona.
Pete has been a professional artist, painting and drawing original designs, for 45 years, and has sold his creative work to collectors and art lovers throughout that time. He began his creative journey in Chicago, and some of those works are available in the "Giclees From the Archives" section. He transferred his interests to Sedona in 2020, and to this day, continues pursuing his wide range of artistic interests.
Pete's giclee prints are professional quality, created from high resolution photography, printed on archival canvas with archival inks. Giclee price includes stretching and shipping.
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