Pete Cramblit's Sketches
of Pictures from National Geographic magazine

(approx. 50-100k ea.)
Pencil sketches 10.5w x 14h on paper

Children rent books from a street vendor
Tajik children wait for school to start on a cold morning
Woman cooks silkworm cocoons to extract the threads

Girl sitting on a log (Hutsul people)
Deceased woman is removed from her home for mourning (Hutsul people)

Schoolgirl unwinds hand-spun yarn
Kashmir man draws on a water pipe while a girl prepares tea
Buddhist schoolboys play cricket

Boy tends camels
Woman gets milk from a goat
Boys in Niger copy the Koran

Yemeni man selling ceremonial knife
Yemeni men chewing Qat

Pub musicians
Girls after making their First Communion
Kids in Dublin with their blind horse

Traditional dancer
Ama divers

Cowboy in Sonora (sold, ask about giclees)
Ranch hand in Chiapas
Boy on a horse
Child with toy parachute
Olmec head with little girl
Tarahumara women in the Sierra Madre
Mariachis in Mexico City
Costumed woman in the festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe
Mexican children playing in the shadow of Popocatépetl
Tiempero (rainmaker)

Jicarilla women weaving baskets

Girl competing in archery competition

Women winnowing grain
Monks light candles for the welfare of all sentient beings
Families commission monks and nuns to recite sacred texts
Woman from Nepal

Eastern Siberia
Russian man tearfully remembers the good old days
Russian goldminers at mess

Iranian woman and girl wash clothing in a stream
Young couple on a date relaxes with their chaperone

Malaysia/New Guinea
Penan (Malaysia) man erects a shelter
Papua New Guinea Huli Warrior as Bird of Paradise

Peru, el niño floods
Woman whose village was swept away weeps
Family overcome by a flash flood

Afghan elder smokes opium

Exploring Africa
American explorer blazes trail
Lost American explorer and Pygmy workman hope for deliverance

South African Bushmen
South African Bushman woman ironing
South African Bushman shaman

Zulu Woman collecting sand for medicinal purposes; baptism in background
Zulu men at funeral turned protest
Zulu Chiefs, 19th century and today

Africa (Sub-Sahara)
Funeral procession with coffin shaped like a fish (Ghana)
Ariaal bride in her mother's hut with her best friend (Kenya)
Masai initiate wears a headress for the Eunoto ceremony
Initiation: Ritual run around the Osingira

Turkish musician
Turkish earthquake victims
Turkish people
Kurdish wedding celebration

Cuban dancer
Cuban farmer with his daughter
Cuban tobacco farmer
Cuban teenager
Men bringing tuna to market

Hunters camouflaged as birds
United States
West Africa

Montana cowboy with banged-up ribs (sold, ask about giclees)

Azerbaijani refugee

Couple in Argentina dance the Tango

Korean haenyo diver

Man from Madagascar

Biologist gone native in the rainforest

Samoans with wedding gift

Libyan boy with lizard on his head

Australians celebrating Christmas

Gypsy dancer

Palastinian youths riled up at a Hamas rally (AP photo)

Saskatchewan farmer

Thanks for looking – hope you enjoyed them!